• James Castelli's Photography: Andromeda Galaxy

    Saturday, October 29, 2005

    Andromeda Galaxy

    The mighty Andromeda Galaxy (M31) flanked by the smaller M32 & M110. Other than the motor drive on the telescope mount holding the camera steady (i.e. piggyback) this image was not taken through the telescope's optics - just a telephoto camera lens. This photo represents the deep sky objects, which will be the largest subcategory of photos at this site. M31, by the way, is the most distant object visible to the naked eye.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Jim -- what focal length were you using for the M31 shot?


    11:35 AM  
    Blogger James A. Castelli, Jr. said...

    Ah, I suppose I should reply from here (my reply to your anonymous email bounced back - guess that was just my notification). I used my Quantaray telephoto 85-300mm lens zoomed in all the way. I cropped the resulting image only slightly.

    12:44 PM  

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