• James Castelli's Photography: Milky Way Panoramic

    Saturday, October 29, 2005

    Milky Way Panoramic

    This northern hemisphere summer view of our Milky Way Galaxy is composed from a dozen or so wide field shots, each 5 minute exposures, taken July 2005 at Casita de Gila, NM. The stitch job is a bit haphazard since I eyeballed the distortion and blending to make the photos match, and in a few spots the seams are showing. This category will encompass large fields of view, such as constellations and panoramics. Below is a new "interpretation" of the same photos assembled using Photoshop's Photomerge (which still presented problems). All in all I think the image is a bit better quality and that annoying green haze is gone. What do YOU think?


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